Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Opportunity

At the close of the year, as people get so busy, one can feel overwhelmed by the need to socialize, get your year end work done, shop, and handle the extra costs of the season. Still, there are some real opportunities of the time of year and one should not forget to take advantage of them.

This year take the holiday season as an opportunity to connect with three friends that you have not connected with in the year. Here are a few ways:

Call someone far away and check in with them.

Send a handwritten personal letter to someone. (NO HOLIDAY FORM LETTERS).

Invite a local friend out for coffee.

Gather a few friends and walk the neighborhood knocking and doors and wishing happy holidays.

Have a 2 hour open house with hot cider.

The point is connection with those we rarely see. Like neural pathways, our friendships need to be exercised or they fade away.

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