Thursday, December 3, 2009

Take back your meanings

While doing some research this afternoon on meaning in the workplace for an upcoming article, I found that most of the existing material and research has been in area of corporate management research. The corporations and even the Universities seem to think that meaning is something that management bestows on "workers."

Hmm. How shall I put this? .... BUNK!

Each individual is the creator and owner of their own meaning. Can you IMAGINE that another person or entity (corporation, God, government, etc.) could be responsible for the meanings in your life?

Each of us is responsible for creating daily, the meaningful nature of our lives. Today I choose to create meaning through writing. Tomorrow I choose to create meaning through technology. On Saturday I will probably create meaning by teaching my son to drive. No Manager, HR rep, priest, or congressman will be getting within a mile of my meanings, thank you.

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